Electrical Panel Upgrades in Lafayette, Indiana

Most homeowners do not think about their home’s electrical panel very often. The only time they even look at it is when they need to flip a circuit breaker to restore power to a part of their home. While this is true, it is important to remember that the electrical panel is a key part of the bigger electrical system. It is essential that this panel continues working properly.

Unfortunately, at some point, virtually everyone will have to call the professionals for Electrical Panel Upgrades. Keep reading to learn the top signs professional electrical services are needed in Lafayette, Indiana.


An Electrical Panel That Is More Than 25 Years Old

On average, an electrical panel might last for over 25 years. However, the age varies based on a few factors. These include things like normal wear and tear, power surges, or the presence of a manufacturer defect. Regardless of the reason, if an electrical panel is more than 25 years old, it can be quite dangerous. If a homeowner does not want to replace the panel, even though it is old, it is a good idea to invest in an electrical inspection by a professional electrician to ensure that everything is in good, properly working condition.


It Smells Like Something is Burnt or Burning

If someone approaches the electrical panel for their home and they notice a burning odor, it is always a cause for concern. When the circuit breaker begins to fail, it can cause serious fires that may cause devastating damage to a home and property, along with the neighbor’s home and property.

Sometimes the burning odor is either wood or plastic. This may occur if the plastic jacket of the electrical wires has melted or if the insulation and wood in the walls have become scorched. If a homeowner smells these things, it is a good idea to have the electrical panel inspected and replaced.


Breakers That Trip Frequently

The circuit breakers in a home were designed to trip to eliminate power to the home and protect the circuits from pulling too much power. This setup and design will protect the home and those who live in the home from the consequences that go with too much power being pushed through the home’s electrical system. However, it may also be an indication that the panel needs to be upgraded.

Sometimes, an electrical panel may not have the ability to let proper electric flow through. This leaves a homeowner with breakers that trip often. Rather than having to keep flipping the breaker on, call the professionals. They can replace the inadequate panel and ensure that the tripping issues are resolved.


Not Enough Outlets

If a homeowner does not have enough outlets in their home, they may reach for a power strip. While this can seem like an easy fix, it is not a good idea to overuse one outlet. If there is enough room on the existing electrical panel, an electrician will be able to add new dedicated circuits and install new outlets.

However, if the panel cannot hold any more circuits, it must be replaced. This will let someone install new outlets in their home and have enough places to plug in their appliances and devices.


A New Large Appliance Was Recently Installed

If someone is planning to install a new appliance, such as a new dishwasher that will have a higher electrical demand than the old one, it can lead to needing a new electrical panel to go with it. Similar to the outlet issue mentioned above, there are some electrical panels that will be at capacity and that must be replaced so the new appliance can run safely.


Fuses Rather Than Circuit Breakers

An electrical panel that has fuses can be a safe supply of power. However, a fuse-based panel is often being overtaxed because after a fuse blows, it has to be replaced, instead of just flipping the switch, which is done with a circuit breaker.

Most people do not want to have to replace a fuse each time it blows, which leads them to use fuses that are simply too big. The issue with this is that fuses that are too big will let too much energy to flow through a circuit that is connected. This can cause electrical fires. Additionally, electrical panels that have fuses are older, and as a result, will have much less room overall to meet a homeowner’s modern electrical demands. This alone can create a hazardous situation and is a reason to have a new electrical panel installed.