EV Charging Stations in Lafayette, IN

While electrical vehicles don’t require you to frequent the gas station, they do need regular charging. However, searching for a station that is comfortable to charge your car in can be difficult and time-consuming. At Brand Home Service, we believe the process should be easier, so we help homeowners install their own EV chargers, so they can power their cars from home!

Are you looking to install a personal EV charger in your home? The expert electricians at Brand Home Service are highly skilled in EV charger installation and can help you gain the benefits of at-home charging. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team today to learn more or to book your EV charger appointment, at (765) 732-7263.

What is an At-Home EV Charger?

The term EV charger refers to the mode of restoring power to your electrical vehicle. As electrical vehicles rise in popularity due to their environmental friendliness, public EV charging stations are becoming crowded in more populated areas. This can make it inconvenient and difficult to use your electrical vehicle for everyday use. Thankfully, at-home EV chargers are bringing the convenience of charging away from the crowds and into your personal space.

How Long Do At-Home EV Chargers Take to Charge?

EV chargers vary in their charging speeds. Some at-home chargers take around 24 hours to charge your vehicle fully. These chargers are suitable for secondary cars in your home. However, we can also install commercial chargers in your home, which can get the job done in a mere three hours. This option is best if you are using your electric vehicle as your main car.

At-Home EV Charger Benefits

Installing a personal EV charger provides you with the convenience of no longer having to search for an EV charging station around town. Instead, you can charge your vehicle from the comfort of your home, while you attend to other daily tasks. In addition, you’re no longer competing for charger space with other electrical vehicle users. Instead, your electrical vehicle charger is dedicated to the vehicles you own, which also makes your charger last longer!

EV Charger Station Services

Our EV charger station services include electrical panel upgrades, EV charger station installation, and EV charger station repair. All of our services aim to create and maintain a functional and personalized home electrical vehicle charging station.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Before installing your EV charging station, you may require electrical panel upgrades to ensure your system can withstand the new electrical load safely. We can help upgrade your electrical panel in Lafayette and dedicate a circuit to your new charging station. Your new EV charger should be the only electrical load on that circuit to ensure it operates to the best of its ability. 

EV Charger Station Installation

Once your home is prepped, we can complete your EV charger station installation. Our technicians take a thorough approach, ensuring all electrical components are secure and safe. We will show you optimal ways to store your charger’s components and how to best utilize its functions. We will always test your new charging parts and ensure they work properly before finishing a project. Our EV charger installations work to meet your personal preferences.

EV Charger Station Repair

If your EV charging station breaks down or needs some maintenance, we can conduct our EV charger station repair services to restore its performance and efficiency. When run properly, your EV charger shouldn’t be a massive hit to your monthly electrical bill. However, neglected breakdowns can raise your energy costs. When you notice an issue with your charging system, it’s best to call our experts, so a detailed inspection can provide you with accurate answers.

How to Extend EV Charger Lifespan

A typical EV charger lasts around 5 to 15 years, depending on use and maintenance. It’s best to keep your unit clean and to store any cords or cables properly, so your charger stays in its best condition. Undergoing an occasional inspection of your EV charger’s components will also give you a better idea of how long your charger will last and how it’s currently performing.

Trust Our Brand Home Service Experts For Your EV Charger Station Installation

At Brand Home Service, we prioritize efficiency without compromising safety and quality. We believe you deserve electrical services that improve the functionality of your home, with minimally invasive installations and repairs. Our team undergoes extensive electrical and customer service training, so we can deliver you the best experience possible.

Are you searching for an at-home EV charger in Lafayette, Indiana? The professional electricians at Brand Home Service can help you prepare your electrical system for an at-home charger and safely install your new unit. Don’t hesitate to call our friendly customer service representatives to book your appointment today, at (765) 732-7263.